The project offers the audience an experience that questions the relationship to space, time, body and sound by approaching the stage performance from the point of view of contemporary dance as well as musical theatre. From these overlapping perspectives result tender, humorous or ironic miniatures that seek to overturn codes and habits. Of gesture, breath or sound, which is first?

Laquelle se passe ailleurs

Laquelle se passe ailleurs shows scenic poems from another world. The laws that govern this universe differ from ours. The torsions that the writer Dominique Quélen imparts to reality and language are reflected in all the elements of a system with its own logic, its own artistic grammar and its own physical and chemical laws. Strange anacolutes are pronounced with the utmost naturalness. The voices of the performers are unrealistically transformed by electronics. One drinks one’s cup of telephone every morning. Invisible walls dictate certain movements. Sometimes mysterious, sometimes humorous, sometimes squeaky, this other world paints an upside down portrait of our changing times.